(Originally appeared at http://www.undermuchgrace.blogspot.com in November ’07 and in the previous post here but is reposted for easy reference.)
Vision Forum’s endorsed non-optional moral which defines their specific view of complementarianism and family, including concepts pertaining to the FIC:
Keep in mind that “non-normative” connotes sin
and compromise of God’s Holy Word
  • Homeschooling only (Noncompliance once stated to be sin, now is a strong recommendation as “normative”) “Tenets”
  • No secular curriculum for children “Tenets”
  • Women are to function only within the sphere of home unless at the workplace of and with the patriarch (Noncompliance once stated to be sin, now is a strong recommendation as “normative”) “Tenets,” McDonalds, Bodkins
  • Women to remain under the roof of the father or husband (or family home) at all times (in compliance with the concept of the sphere of home which makes attendance of a school outside of God’s “normative order”) “Tenets,” McDonalds, Bodkins
  • No education of women outside the home (Noncompliance once stated to be sin, now is a strong recommendation as “normative” and suggested to be a poor investment because of no chance of return on money spent on education because of work limited to the sphere of the home) “Tenets,” Bodkins
  • Sons bear the duty of spreading the glory and fame of the father Brown
  • Daughters are the helpmeet of the father and remain in his service until marriage “Tenets,” McDonalds, Bodkins
  • Father is keeper of his daughter’s heart until marriage Phillips, McDonalds, Bodkins
  • Militant fecundity (evangelism preferred via godly seed/womb versus evangelizing the lost) Phillips and Brown
  • Christian complementarians are essentially egalitarians which makes them feminists which makes them open theists Russell Moore and Roy Moore
  • Non patriarchal complementarians compromise the Bible as “white washed feminists” and “unruly and filthy stray dogs on washday” Stacy McDonald
  • Patriarchy and complemenatianism as a “plumb line” for determining that which is truly Christian (and other views as less or possibly sub-Christian) Commonly held belief
  • Non-VF homeschoolers are “Canaanites” Commonly held belief
  • “Multi-generational” worship setting, etc. (family remains together during worship and vilifies segregated, age-appropriate groups) BCUCF
  • Pessimistic view of leadership within the church (vilification of group leaders and pastors that usurp the patriarch) BCUCF