Copied from a response to Wade Burleson’s “Grace and Truth to You” blog, under the blog post entitled “Patriarchy and the Family Integrated Church Emphasis in SBC Seminaries:  A Potential Embarassment for the SBC“:

Blogger Kathleen said…
I’ve recently left an FIC that is being led by a prominent homeschool leader. The church is getting into more controversial teachings (when they aren’t promoting their self-proclaimed homeschool leader’s family’s agenda). Those teachings would include Vision Forum’s “Return of the Daughters” video. Many families and elders in the congregations are ATI. One elder, on the church’s website video ( ), proclaimed that men are the “prophet, priest and king” of their home/family. The Teaching Elder who promotes this, Gregg Harris (who also took pointers from Jonathan Lindvall), also teaches this and was the one who recommended the “Return of the Daughters” video in a sermon.

The teachings in this particular FIC haven’t been getting less divisive — they divide over non-essentials. Get this; Gregg Harris preaches that really, to be more in line with Scripture, men should be owning their own businesses. I have lots of links and in-context quotes. The FIC’s might be a good thing if they didn’t exlude the very people Jesus Christ reaches out to.

I know this stuff first hand. My husband didn’t fit the business-ownership mold; we didn’t fit the perfect “full-quiver” mold; we didn’t school our kids with Gothard; we didn’t eat only organic foods; we didn’t support Huckabee; we think it’s alright for a woman to have a career; we don’t homebirth; the women in my family vote (some young patriarch declared to my face he didn’t think women should be allowed to vote); etc., etc.

The FIC’s I’ve been to were quite exclusionary.

Sun Sep 07, 03:40:00 PM 2008
Blogger Kathleen said…
Someone asked me this:

“I wonder if you could share your opinion about the motivation for the “FIC” group to seemingly try to return to a simpler way of life where there is much more “stability” (or control)?”

Well, in my opinion there wasn’t anything “simple” about their way of life at all. Everything was so heavily emphasized as “this is the ‘biblical’ way to … be a wife, be a husband, father, mother, be a teenager, eat healthily (organic, kombucha-mushroom-craze), court, earn a living, etc. They would put a caveat on it and say that you had a “liberty garden” in your life to live, and everybody would inspect your fruit. It was evident that those who followed the leadership’s “rules” of living got in pretty close to leadership.

On the hofcc website they put together a video to market their brand of FIC. They are actively now marketing themselves to other pastors of other congregations across America, asking them to come and visit (and they’ve already had a few pastors from across the U.S. come to visit) to get ideas to bring back to their own churches.

Instead of reaching out to the poor or less priviledged in society, hofcc is reaching out with a “gospel” of reform to other pastors/men. They actually have some kind of schedule and set-up to house these pastors within the congregation’s families instead of a motel.

To me, it’s become a heavy emphasis on marketing, reform, and lifestyle choices and not the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the yet unsaved. It’s exclusive, and when I spoke out against the exclusive teachings of business ownership, as well as the constant elevating of Harris’ works/empire (as a woman, no less) AFTER I had left the church congregation, Gregg Harris called my husband to ask me (note: Gregg didn’t try to talk to me directly; he went through my husband) to take down my blog post. My husband asked me and I said no. Harris then said he’d have to discuss it with the elders what they should do. Hmmm, I had already left the congregation.

In my opinion, Gregg Harris/Co. has been preaching Jonathan Lindvall stuff and Gothard stuff and patriarchy because he’s found the perfect niche market to sell his wares/ideas.

I’m irked in this because we TRIED to fit in, going to the lenths of getting really involved, my husband even preached a couple of sermons there and yet at every opportunity, Gregg and his apprentices would put down my husband’s line of work, making the case that men who don’t work for their own business were “weak and lacking in confidence” (I have that on audio and transcripted.)

Add to the fact that The Rebelution conferences were so hyped up, the books advertised constantly, their promo videos being shown on the overhead screen during a church service, and the intense push for EVERYONE, every family to be involved in promoting and volunteering for The Rebelution conference.

It was sickening for them to promote this as a ministry, making tens of thousands of dollars each conference on it for their “non-profit” in which I still have no idea who sits on that board, and for them to promote it as their livelihood (and to put down my husband’s restaurant management job) — all the while the Harris’ get free employees that they aren’t paying to fuel their machine. I had enough.

IMO again, the whole FIC movement and the authors/”leaders” in it are trying to get a leg up on other Christians, putting them down in the process. The movement has it’s marketeers, that’s for sure.

Mon Sep 08, 12:24:00 AM 2008